Giovanni Savino Photography | New York Street-Sun Portraits
One of the magic moments I periodically come across while photographing the streets at the bottom of New York City urban canyons is when the sun reflects a harsh, almost strobe-like strip of light onto the face of my subjects. I have my favorite spots in the city, where, on a sunny day, at a specific time, I can expect a similar illumination to happen.

I guess what really find intriguing is that different combinations of sun, reflections and shadows offer me, completely naturally, a light effect that I would usually try to recreate in a more controlled environment with lighting tools such as powerful strobes, grids and snoots.

Capturing this specific natural light phenomenon in an otherwise very dark street, easily allows me to isolate my subjects from their surroundings and focus solely on their expressions, movements, attire, just as if they where on a theater stage under a spotlight.

They become unique, lone interpreters of their own being, at least for the instant my camera shutter opens and closes, in a bustling New York City street.