Giovanni Savino Photography | POLAR BEARS in Coney Island
The Coney Island Polar Bear Club is the oldest winter bathing The club was founded by famed health advocate Bernarr McFadden in 1903. Members swim in the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island every Sunday from November through April. organization in the United States.
Every New Year's Day, the Club is joined by participants from around the country - although most hark from New York - who partake in an annual swim
Before the plunge BWPolar Bears 2011 Coney IslandPolar Bears  Stripes 1Polar Bears Stripes 2walk on winter beachConey Island Parachute JumpWinter beach BWWinter beach colorRocks on the beachAlone on the beach BWAlone on the beachPier MCUWinter PierView from the pierview from the pier BWPoles from pierView from the pier 2View from the pier 3Fisherman with bird MCUFisherman with bird