Giovanni Savino Photography | PANORAMIC
These panoramic photographs require stitching between four and eight individual shots together with a specialized software to achieve a 360 degree view. This procedure allows the creation of an "equirectangular" image for printing purposes as well as an interactive panoramic image ( available in different formats) where the viewer, using the computer mouse, is able to pan around as well as zoom in and out any desired portion of the image.
For the "interactive version" of several of the panoramic images in this page please click HERE
3 generations cropGeorgette balcony frontAbitacion 1 A panodesde balcon detras BetterCasa SOL PANO EXT 8kids roomsala w pianosecond living roomAltagracia Altar 1 PanoramaAltar S Marta  6Altar S Marta 1Altar S Marta 4Cine sala Upstairsprojector 3 so so-2Projectors 1-2Calderon Casa Pano 1Calderon Casa Pano 6RAMIRO PANO 1Farmacia 1Farmacia 2