Giovanni Savino Photography | RIVER CROSSING
RIVER CROSSING is a collection of images shot on the banks of the Artibonito River, separating Haiti from the Dominican Republic. It is a series of environmental portraits of the ever-increasing number of Haitian nationals crossing the river in search of better life conditions and work opportunity in the neighboring country after the devastating earthquake of 2010. These illegal migrants are not welcome in the Dominican Republic, a country with many great political and economic problems of its own. There is an increasing tension especially along the border towns, but also in the big cities for what Dominican media defines "a Haitian invasion".
you are not welcome here DSC_5269Wading the Artibonito DSC_4658Bathing in the Artibonito DSC_4599Define Hope DSC_5396DSC_4672Life LineDSC_5228old woman w pipe bwDSC_5287DSC_4908DSC_5133DSC_5144DSC_4846DSC_5362DSC_4687DSC_5523DSC_5216DSC_4745DSC_5152Kid w Tire bw